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Don’t Turn on iCloud Drive When You Install iOS 8 Today


Stop arguing, fight back (you slaves)


Please note, Obama Care raises payroll taxes. On average, if someone is paid $15 an hour then a company is really paying $20 per hour. So in this economy, many operations cannot afford to pay $15 because it is really $20/hr. All the regulations and taxes makes the payroll over $20 per hour, in fact! So more than 30 hours, due to Obama Care, means the company must give out health insurance. As a result, people are more and more going under 22-24 hours per week. Then these people indeed stayed strong, went out and got more part time jobs – sometimes up to three jobs.  

To make it worse, the government took advantage, and reported that they added millions of jobs! If you aren’t a sheeple MORON, you’d know the true economics; thus, you’d SEE that the new jobs “added,” or “created,” were just an effect of an attack on the middle class, and those TRUE job creators are dying. The added “new” jobs were the newly aquired part time jobs after so many were cut! Duh! OMG, people argue that things are better but if you study ONE DAMN CHART, you’d be stocking food. 🙂 

A lot of smart, working, poor have chosen to give up and go on welfare and/or get under the table jobs. This results in an economy that you are living in today. All the big malls, grocery stores, and small boutiques closing because if they don’t have family to work damn near for free – they’re done for. The regulations are a direct attack on this country’s working poor people. Period. Texas, 70% taxes in business, up to 80% paid in taxes. Warren Buffet, Nancy Pelosi is exempt from these taxes, GE, Google, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, General Motors, EXEMPT from these taxes. This is the real discrimination. You cannot own a business, and run one, nor, can you work for one – as if  you owned Bank of America or worked for Bank of America.  

Free market and American prosperity is diminishing. Then you have all of these idiots out there wanting $15 per hour to flip a burger – which will bankrupt the market. The average working poor person has all the taxes included into their bills, food, and paychecks – by the time they get the income tax return they think they’re getting a return! Indeed, all of YOUR, yes YOUR bills, will go down by 2/3rds. Imagine the “change,” Obama could have really created.

This nation, this world, has never seen corruption reach this far – ever. This will effect your children you 50 year olds, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren, the world is NOT what it was. Stop taking the headlines for face value and shrugging it off, and get PREPARED.

When you build your nation, your businesses, and the elites follow different rules that are contradictory to the rules of the people you govern, that is bias. Furthermore, it’s a direct attack on the people who generate supply and demand in the first place – thus your market is collapsing very soon. Well, it did, but the bailouts and illegal operations are sustaining it until the elites are ready to watch the slaves starve and go without essential medication like, hmm … insulin and thyroid. Shoot, if you don’t have your own food you’ll be in trouble. Stop. Think. Don’t take the news for what it is. Headlines are just something to stop you from noticing the other lines! Promise. 

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Depression & Positiveness Reinvented here

I recently reblogged a dear man’s post. I was feeling very depressed and let down by a slumlord. A deal fell through on 10,000 in utility debt and now I must pay it.

I was feeling very down, and discouraged because today I was supposed to be able to clear all debts. In order to keep my baby well fed, water running, and electric on – I am forced to neglect other debts. I was feeling very sad.

Then I was reminded I need to focus more on love, and less on negative. Even if the latter overbears the feeling of the first, I have to dwell on what I do have.

Now I am somewhat crippled from the doubles at work, cannot move my head. After I read this reblogged post – find it on my page – I realize everything happens for a reason. Maybe the reason I cannot turn my neck without crying is because I’ll miss out on a stripper’s shift that would have me going home with zero dollars. Or, maybe by tomorrow my neck will have healed and I can get ahead for once.

Either way, I just would like to add – dwell on the good and good will come. Dwell on the negative, and you’ll continue to spiral backwards.

I can’t imagine writing a political piece today even though I have a lot to say – I must rest for tomorrow’s shift but I promise a very intriguing post by Friday.

Pray for me please that I find a job. I pray for all my friends on here. Until then, I’ll remain the clean lady I’ve always been. I hear the southern strip clubs are easier and less whoring and pimping going on. Surely I would love to get out of this business. If anyone lives in Michigan and has work available – I’m highly professional. Rest assured, I’d never turn to dancing if the state aid was something I do not qualify for if I’m able bodied to dance. However, I’d rather support myself than suck off of a system that is struggling far more than my family.

As long as my son has water, heat, home, and food – I’m successful as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

Thanks for the read.

Looking forward to your posts.

Heather Hansen

Burger flipping, stripper here!


Happy. Working. These. Jobs. That includes myself, as well as the good old pole dancing job. No, I can’t sleep with men for money – but I can dance… like you wouldn’t believe. So, I am a stripper – who sometimes goes home with zero dollars, due to not being able bang your husbands, or wives… sons, daughters, girlfriends and boyfriends… but I have excellent sales experience, and I happen to be somewhat be appealing – so they pay me. I too, am an aspiring burger flipper, whom cannot find a burger flipping job – anywhere within 25 miles of metro Detroit – despite my – 10 plus years as an executive administrative assistant and related positions. I was overworking, “quitting school for executive spot(s) in sight(s)… job, after, job, after layoff, after job, bonus after bonus, raise after raise – giving corporate America my all.” In turn giving my education half of that “all.” I’m told I must have done something terrible in my past if I am seeking to fill a minimum wage position to sustain myself, let alone anyone else. I am told I’m not trying hard enough, and, “in my day I did this,” or, “when I was your age I was able to do that!” Then two years later, I hear the same old lady in the dressing room complaining about the job market – in the strip club! Imagine that! Now we all, as strippers, make a dollar at minimum per shift; but, it doesn’t cover the charge to work daily.

Don’t go down – quietly… Americans! Your raise in minimum wage is nothing to be so celebratory about – ghost town = USA, soon! Consumers, even the strippers, are tightening their garter belts. I read in the news recently, now you’ll want to look it up, but globally – sex workers are accepting less for their work! Now check it out, high paying jobs are taking huge hits, from the whore, to the executive – and low paying jobs are receiving raises. I know we are poor, but take a step back, and back your boss people! Now you can’t, it’s too late – so back yourselves, and group up. Tocqueville even stated that, the knowledge and right to gather – well, all of society relies upon it. A local girl hammered me one day with:

“MANY people my age, approaching thirty; as well as the ones who are older, argue that the minimum wage was not meant for people who are trying to raise families. When I was 14, I grabbed a job at the local chicken place, and not one senior citizen worked with us teens back then. However, that was in the years of 2001-2002, and shortly after I would be paid $15 an hour, four hours a day, five days a week, as a co-op/intern, for a high school program.”

People want me to hold out, do what you do, until you find something better. “It’s not worth your time to work for $9,” AND “why would you miss your son more working the bar only on the week-ends! Why, just to keep your clothes off during the week?!” they mutter.

“YES,” I think to myself!

All the while, they need to borrow money, and each have at one time or another, run to the “local stripper for cold thong cash – me!” All of us exotic dancers talk about it in the locker room, as we put on our make-up, or pass one another at shift change… as if we are the welfare office. One that doesn’t push papers, or ask for a DNA sample and social security numbers. Nope, we are the dumb office – who cares for all, and when we have nothing left to give at the moment, become the stripper again. I would love the “cover” burger flipping job – I just cannot seem to qualify. Ascetically, I won’t ruin the customer’s appetites. I won’t work for, or with family as a rule. Things are insane, but I’m happy.

Then when I come up with an answer of, “no I don’t have money for you,” it’s out with you as they shout, “you must be on drugs if you’re out of money,” and, “quit school and get a real job, you whore.” I even heard once, “I don’t know how she can not have money,” we all laugh and make fun of these people in the back room too. The back room is the dressing room, there aren’t VIP rooms in this last gem of a bar. We all laugh and keep a smile as we get ready to go home – sometimes dollar-less. We do not even complain, even the dumbest of the dumb stripper says nothing – even she knows she is lucky the bar is surviving.  The Traffic Light in Mount Clemens is a gem, $10 per lap dance and the tip out is cheaper than other places, at $60 a shift. 

I am convinced this was done on purpose to end our retail market – among many other markets… well all markets. My most recent political science teacher would agree with this statement. Our liberties are being stripped away, and the wealth redistributed – in a particular way, purposely. 

Over and out until the next time!

Yours truly,

The burger flipping, non-family breaking, STD free, blogging, stripping, non-sleeping with your significant other regardless of the amount of money offered, happy, striving for better future, single mother.

❤ and Peace all,

Heather Hansen

What I’ve learned about blogging.



1. It is therapeutic.
2. Keeps your investigative and, or writing skills polished while you’re laid off, or break from school.
3. It is good to follow news, and then submit your opinion to a public forum.
4. Blogging cures boredom in a productive manner.
5. Peer review of your papers if you are in school can be widely helpful. However, you’ll need to be sure your teacher knows that you’re blogging as you’ll be hit hard for plagiarism – if he or she doesn’t know it’s your blog.
6. Somehow I’ve met more people in which I enjoy interacting with while blogging than I ever have on Facebook and/or Twitter combined.
7. My critical thinking skills are polished and growing with each blog, as I care somehow, MORE about the public’s eyes than my own when reading my posts. 
8. I feel a part of a community, there is more meaning to my day. 
9. I rise earlier in the morning so that I have time to invest in my writing. 
10. I imagine a year from now I’ll be laughing at some of my blogs, wishing I didn’t write them, finding grammatical errors and becoming embarrassed. I cannot wait for that one. 

I’m sure I’ve left some out, but I don’t have much time today. 

Thanks for sharing your world with me word pressers! 

Add to this list for me! Happy Monday!

Bush and Obama missed out – Whistleblower still traveling and speaking out against USA

House senior staff assigned to monitor NSA, Dianne Roark, and (at the time) Chair of the House intelligence Committee, Porter Goss was promptly notified and warned by William Binney, that the NSA was widely abusing it’s powers, and access to American’s private information. Shortly after his disgust and, I assume fear of the foundations of America being ruined by his program, and absolute disgust prompted him to resign from the NSA after thirty years of service in October of 2001. He was a code-breaker during the cold war and stated that the American government is abusing its reach into American’s confidential information. Essentially, he was grossed out by the infiltration of the personal lives of you, and I.

In the name of, “The war on Terror,” and, “New World Order,” we’ve lost our rights.

The unnecessary risk of not putting the American’s freedoms above the priority of the NSA’s programs is killing faith in America abroad, and at home. Statistics show Americans and almost all other nations absolutely despise the American government.

Widely known, Nanci Pelosi appears to have a hand in this program and it’s lingering, continued corruption for an immeasurable amount of time. In 2001, she was a member of the International Intelligence Committee and did zero – in the name of protecting the American people after 9/11 attacks.

In William Binney’s defense, he designed NSA’s spy program to eternally encrypt American’s information. This encryption was never to be reversed unless a judge ordered it so – aka, due process. Due process is something surely lacking from this program run by the NSA, where all of American stored information is exposed to contractors and spies – 24/7.

Twelve years before Snowden was named a hero, Mr. Binney tried to do just what Snowden did; and he did, but, we were all just too worried about our bursting bubble, war, and revenge regarding the 9/11 attacks to take note.

While coal miners with American government signatures within the books kill millions over generations of time – the American government seizes Iranian skyscrapers in the name of 9/11 victims. I must observe that, not one of the hijackers on those planes was from Iran – no wonder so many hate Americans.

A well educated rumor states that just over 5 exabytes are needed to record 100% of human accumulated knowledge.

A trustable source says that the NSA, will be, and has used, at minimum, 950 exabytes to store Internet activity of Americans – amongst other denied information property. Indeed, more than metadata is stored – and that includes voice calls which are recorded – word for word, then stored. If I was a contractor of the NSA, I could just listen to a very intimate phone call, read your emails, even text messages.- at ALL times. How does that make you feel about freedom in the USA?

Binney is brave, but over 10 years ago the drones, mass arrests and killing of journalists were less existent. Regardless, Binney has not ceased to express views. I would look into the name: William Binney, then you’ll expose a lot of secrets – and you’ll realize there’s so much more that we’re not permitted to see. I think I seen somewhere that he was in Germany – check it out for me. I must go, for now.

Bush and Obama missed out on a great opportunity as I watch it all unfold. They missed the gratification of being of some service to other human beings. They missed the wonderful feeling of cleaning something very dirty; instead, they’ve opted to take something dirty – and make it unacceptably filthy.

All people, American and non-Americans were, and should still be deferential towards William Binney. He is one in a million, quitting his job, and speaking out for a majority population that is doing nothing; thus, begging to live in a police state. The protests we see when a black person is killed by a white are very impressive lately. The non-voilent actions are rare and impressive to say the least. Nonetheless, why don’t we see this happening now that our liberties are being murdered?

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