Stop arguing, fight back (you slaves)


Please note, Obama Care raises payroll taxes. On average, if someone is paid $15 an hour then a company is really paying $20 per hour. So in this economy, many operations cannot afford to pay $15 because it is really $20/hr. All the regulations and taxes makes the payroll over $20 per hour, in fact! So more than 30 hours, due to Obama Care, means the company must give out health insurance. As a result, people are more and more going under 22-24 hours per week. Then these people indeed stayed strong, went out and got more part time jobs – sometimes up to three jobs.  

To make it worse, the government took advantage, and reported that they added millions of jobs! If you aren’t a sheeple MORON, you’d know the true economics; thus, you’d SEE that the new jobs “added,” or “created,” were just an effect of an attack on the middle class, and those TRUE job creators are dying. The added “new” jobs were the newly aquired part time jobs after so many were cut! Duh! OMG, people argue that things are better but if you study ONE DAMN CHART, you’d be stocking food. 🙂 

A lot of smart, working, poor have chosen to give up and go on welfare and/or get under the table jobs. This results in an economy that you are living in today. All the big malls, grocery stores, and small boutiques closing because if they don’t have family to work damn near for free – they’re done for. The regulations are a direct attack on this country’s working poor people. Period. Texas, 70% taxes in business, up to 80% paid in taxes. Warren Buffet, Nancy Pelosi is exempt from these taxes, GE, Google, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, General Motors, EXEMPT from these taxes. This is the real discrimination. You cannot own a business, and run one, nor, can you work for one – as if  you owned Bank of America or worked for Bank of America.  

Free market and American prosperity is diminishing. Then you have all of these idiots out there wanting $15 per hour to flip a burger – which will bankrupt the market. The average working poor person has all the taxes included into their bills, food, and paychecks – by the time they get the income tax return they think they’re getting a return! Indeed, all of YOUR, yes YOUR bills, will go down by 2/3rds. Imagine the “change,” Obama could have really created.

This nation, this world, has never seen corruption reach this far – ever. This will effect your children you 50 year olds, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren, the world is NOT what it was. Stop taking the headlines for face value and shrugging it off, and get PREPARED.

When you build your nation, your businesses, and the elites follow different rules that are contradictory to the rules of the people you govern, that is bias. Furthermore, it’s a direct attack on the people who generate supply and demand in the first place – thus your market is collapsing very soon. Well, it did, but the bailouts and illegal operations are sustaining it until the elites are ready to watch the slaves starve and go without essential medication like, hmm … insulin and thyroid. Shoot, if you don’t have your own food you’ll be in trouble. Stop. Think. Don’t take the news for what it is. Headlines are just something to stop you from noticing the other lines! Promise. 

Click here to download the photo which is free for non-commercial use. 


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