Depression & Positiveness Reinvented here

I recently reblogged a dear man’s post. I was feeling very depressed and let down by a slumlord. A deal fell through on 10,000 in utility debt and now I must pay it.

I was feeling very down, and discouraged because today I was supposed to be able to clear all debts. In order to keep my baby well fed, water running, and electric on – I am forced to neglect other debts. I was feeling very sad.

Then I was reminded I need to focus more on love, and less on negative. Even if the latter overbears the feeling of the first, I have to dwell on what I do have.

Now I am somewhat crippled from the doubles at work, cannot move my head. After I read this reblogged post – find it on my page – I realize everything happens for a reason. Maybe the reason I cannot turn my neck without crying is because I’ll miss out on a stripper’s shift that would have me going home with zero dollars. Or, maybe by tomorrow my neck will have healed and I can get ahead for once.

Either way, I just would like to add – dwell on the good and good will come. Dwell on the negative, and you’ll continue to spiral backwards.

I can’t imagine writing a political piece today even though I have a lot to say – I must rest for tomorrow’s shift but I promise a very intriguing post by Friday.

Pray for me please that I find a job. I pray for all my friends on here. Until then, I’ll remain the clean lady I’ve always been. I hear the southern strip clubs are easier and less whoring and pimping going on. Surely I would love to get out of this business. If anyone lives in Michigan and has work available – I’m highly professional. Rest assured, I’d never turn to dancing if the state aid was something I do not qualify for if I’m able bodied to dance. However, I’d rather support myself than suck off of a system that is struggling far more than my family.

As long as my son has water, heat, home, and food – I’m successful as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

Thanks for the read.

Looking forward to your posts.

Heather Hansen


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