What I’ve learned about blogging.



1. It is therapeutic.
2. Keeps your investigative and, or writing skills polished while you’re laid off, or break from school.
3. It is good to follow news, and then submit your opinion to a public forum.
4. Blogging cures boredom in a productive manner.
5. Peer review of your papers if you are in school can be widely helpful. However, you’ll need to be sure your teacher knows that you’re blogging as you’ll be hit hard for plagiarism – if he or she doesn’t know it’s your blog.
6. Somehow I’ve met more people in which I enjoy interacting with while blogging than I ever have on Facebook and/or Twitter combined.
7. My critical thinking skills are polished and growing with each blog, as I care somehow, MORE about the public’s eyes than my own when reading my posts. 
8. I feel a part of a community, there is more meaning to my day. 
9. I rise earlier in the morning so that I have time to invest in my writing. 
10. I imagine a year from now I’ll be laughing at some of my blogs, wishing I didn’t write them, finding grammatical errors and becoming embarrassed. I cannot wait for that one. 

I’m sure I’ve left some out, but I don’t have much time today. 

Thanks for sharing your world with me word pressers! 

Add to this list for me! Happy Monday!


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