Bush and Obama missed out – Whistleblower still traveling and speaking out against USA

House senior staff assigned to monitor NSA, Dianne Roark, and (at the time) Chair of the House intelligence Committee, Porter Goss was promptly notified and warned by William Binney, that the NSA was widely abusing it’s powers, and access to American’s private information. Shortly after his disgust and, I assume fear of the foundations of America being ruined by his program, and absolute disgust prompted him to resign from the NSA after thirty years of service in October of 2001. He was a code-breaker during the cold war and stated that the American government is abusing its reach into American’s confidential information. Essentially, he was grossed out by the infiltration of the personal lives of you, and I.

In the name of, “The war on Terror,” and, “New World Order,” we’ve lost our rights.

The unnecessary risk of not putting the American’s freedoms above the priority of the NSA’s programs is killing faith in America abroad, and at home. Statistics show Americans and almost all other nations absolutely despise the American government.

Widely known, Nanci Pelosi appears to have a hand in this program and it’s lingering, continued corruption for an immeasurable amount of time. In 2001, she was a member of the International Intelligence Committee and did zero – in the name of protecting the American people after 9/11 attacks.

In William Binney’s defense, he designed NSA’s spy program to eternally encrypt American’s information. This encryption was never to be reversed unless a judge ordered it so – aka, due process. Due process is something surely lacking from this program run by the NSA, where all of American stored information is exposed to contractors and spies – 24/7.

Twelve years before Snowden was named a hero, Mr. Binney tried to do just what Snowden did; and he did, but, we were all just too worried about our bursting bubble, war, and revenge regarding the 9/11 attacks to take note.

While coal miners with American government signatures within the books kill millions over generations of time – the American government seizes Iranian skyscrapers in the name of 9/11 victims. I must observe that, not one of the hijackers on those planes was from Iran – no wonder so many hate Americans.

A well educated rumor states that just over 5 exabytes are needed to record 100% of human accumulated knowledge.

A trustable source says that the NSA, will be, and has used, at minimum, 950 exabytes to store Internet activity of Americans – amongst other denied information property. Indeed, more than metadata is stored – and that includes voice calls which are recorded – word for word, then stored. If I was a contractor of the NSA, I could just listen to a very intimate phone call, read your emails, even text messages.- at ALL times. How does that make you feel about freedom in the USA?

Binney is brave, but over 10 years ago the drones, mass arrests and killing of journalists were less existent. Regardless, Binney has not ceased to express views. I would look into the name: William Binney, then you’ll expose a lot of secrets – and you’ll realize there’s so much more that we’re not permitted to see. I think I seen somewhere that he was in Germany – check it out for me. I must go, for now.

Bush and Obama missed out on a great opportunity as I watch it all unfold. They missed the gratification of being of some service to other human beings. They missed the wonderful feeling of cleaning something very dirty; instead, they’ve opted to take something dirty – and make it unacceptably filthy.

All people, American and non-Americans were, and should still be deferential towards William Binney. He is one in a million, quitting his job, and speaking out for a majority population that is doing nothing; thus, begging to live in a police state. The protests we see when a black person is killed by a white are very impressive lately. The non-voilent actions are rare and impressive to say the least. Nonetheless, why don’t we see this happening now that our liberties are being murdered?


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