Must share, must read, corruption you won’t find without a brave journalist

Manhattan is currently the host of a lawsuit that’s revealing some insanely rich Americans that have some insane interests in Iranian negotiations. It is clear these very rich, disgusting, and insane Americans are going to make sure Iranian negotiations come to an end – a dead end.

Not so clear, but if you look beneath the surface – the White house is assisting these very undermining actions. In order to stop a lawsuit that would surely expose the American government’s corruption the Justice Department is trying hard to settle this disagreement quickly, and out of the limelight.

The access of some of these anti-Iran groups to the American government combined with over one-hundred million dollars (that can be tracked), is a very dangerous threat to August 30th and beyond in this year of 2014 AD.

I promise, this is nothing to overlook, brush off, or pretend this isn’t insanity within your time. This is indeed something to be very alarmed about & something to share.

I predict the majority of the population has not heard of this said New York stage; nor, do I think this lawsuit will last long.

Currently there are some journalists going to jail trying to expose this corruption, but more have done their best to assist all parties in covering this up. I can’t decipher if the media blocking this information is corrupt or scared. I do know a lot of the men and women that have access to this story are among the best of the best journalists – especially New York ones.

Just like you and I, there is a lot to risk when your freedom is at stake. In regards to some of the best of American journalists that are, no doubt, sleepless, brave, and usually expository; however, just like you and I, there is a lot to lose, a lot at stake, and a lot to risk in life when it comes to sacrificing freedom, in return for the majority’s knowledge. Especially, a majority population of Americans who prefer to remain ignorant to the hypocrisy of U.S government affairs mixed with the elite, United State’s rich populace’s affairs – in contrast to knowing, then doing something about corruption like this.

All parties aside from the rich and power holding will be punished – we all know it.


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