WordPress knows, even employees of Microsoft know it

All of the above mentioned know: The balance between, work and life are the aspects to gauge your success upon. Time is important. It has a money value – always.

Aside the obvious feed, shower, and shelter your family and yourself this is merely what i concentrate on in terms of setting and prioritizing goals for myself. The darn balance between work, play, family and just anything that pops up – as life is never predictable, and something will – just POP up!

I am so sick of it. We are just slaves. I work hard. I mean hard. I work for myself and then another company. I hardly know my son, and I really half the time do I know myself. One of my jobs consists of acting, the more profitable of them – so who the f$#k am I sometimes, I feel… I ground quickly when I see my beauitful son, however.

Regardless, I cannot drop out of school to learn about my son’s life in which I miss out on while I”m working or studying. I just spend as much time with him as possible. When will we remove the line, and take back our independence from the state – creating jobs, making welfare and social equality hardly an issue anymore? Or even needed to be on top of our minds when we walk in a grocery store?

Shall we ask if this is the American way? Or shut up and drive to our jobs, hardly raising our children?

Over and out for today – Heather


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