Present day American democracy and Tocqueville’s Observations of early America

In order to take Tocqueville’s observations and relate them to the power of tyranny of present day America while, simultaneously moving past the corruption it caused; first we would have to relate the non-existent tyranny lacking America, to the existing state; then, we would need to take the power back. Tocqueville gave us a road map in his book, which would have avoided what we are facing today. This commonly read book by today’s scholars leads me to believe it is more deliberate that most do assume. At the time of giving his observations, Tocqueville may not have imagined exactly what present Americans face daily but he stated that, if the powers of the time ever grasped power over a government and administration: the free world would end.

He so elegantly found the needed intermediate there. All we need to witness in our time is not a thievery, but a return of power, but how? Well, we need to take back what he has stated wasn’t quite claimed back then; and, which powers would hold the tightest grip. Influencing and transforming our administrative powers, as well as our government could be a workable solution if enough effort was made to assure zero tolerance to violence stayed in place. This must exist on both applicable sides of such an unfairly sliced pie of the American experience. Anything other than this route has a predictable end because the powers of the police, and of the people, are not equal in the means of violent strength.

Therefore, the likelihood of a majority of the group revolting against this power is slim. Especially with the military police intimidating all classes. Naturally America became an unconstitutional entity, already ruling by fear. This unconstitutionality has presently climbed the ranks all the way up to the American president.

There are already too many executive orders written and signed as well as a multitude of covert actions. There is emphasis on tyranny within the judicial and executive branches – as predicted would happen by Tocqueville. Putting more restrictions upon our government’s hand in private businesses will end a lot of our tyranny and return our middle class. Touching slightly on the fact that the main media outlets and the interests of government institutions will need to be segregated one hundred percent in order to end tyranny, and the mistake of widespread ignorance within a population. We must remove the instigations to abuse power, which naturally will take the temptations to abuse power away, and a lot of instigations are discovered within the media. If you look past the media and the hand who sensors it, you’d find the federal reserve, and personal motives as well as our government institutions. Motives within humanity are mainly the same ones now as they were in Tocqueville’s observations of early Americans.

His time differs in the way that these motives were stored outside of American politics at that time. Tocqueville states, “..the majority, though it often has a despot’s tastes and instincts, still lacks the most improved instruments of tyranny.” This abused right to act upon basic human instinctive motives has enabled powers to be captured, utilized, and abused without the majority of our society ever noticing. Additionally, if our economy was a little better off, I believe the citizens would have more time to concentrate on the tyranny. United we could avoid most of it via civic engagement and political cooperation but most of the civilization cannot even afford a vacation much less time to act upon such things. Additionally, some things just must be exposed from within because the outer parts have zero access to information today.

Transparency has somewhat stepped out of the picture. Not to presume some secrecy isn’t important due to diplomatic affairs but most decisions should be publicized prior to becoming decisions.

In closing, as Tocqueville puts it, maybe we should take the perspective of a foreigner in this century; because, the majority will always grasp the status quo, for they are too content within it, or to simply put it – too busy surviving to notice – or care. My prediction is the case that the majority will soon take note; thus take action prompting a more authoritarian government throughout America if violence continues; again, ranging from the police to the president. Perhaps a nonviolent whole may step into this terrifying scene and shine some light on peace. Society could use our own covert lawyers to mingle with both sides; and finally, finding that one key to killing most of this tyranny. Not to suggest all lawyers would fit the position to do such things – as the rare human lacks a price tag. After all, Tocqueville was as just as right back then as he is presently – lawyers and judges appointed our democratic ways via the courts. However, now secret chamber decisions overbear the courts when it comes to most human collective races for power. In our times, juries still help us recognize our freedoms but more and more; money is corrupting, and juries are being purchased, thus power is finally becoming an unqualified power. All the while holding a fearful presence within each American’s life. This presence is the only equal aspect to survival in the American country. America’s past valued idea of private property is deteriorating at too rapid of a pace resulting in a devastatingly amount of governance present in our everyday lives – both the criminal and the upstanding citizen’s. Some introspective searching by all of us Americans will help us recognize the roots of these problems – speeding up the process of fixing the fiasco. If this isn’t done – well, society will just beg to become hamsters on a wheel. In this case, the future looks like Americans will be forever enslaved as a result of previous generation’s ignorant, barbaric, and robotic minds, motives, and actions. Likewise, what is presented to us today is a major based group of people – lacking truthful knowledge based actions.

Always remember, your decisions not to act today will having a lasting impact on tomorrow.

“Americans of all ages, all stations of life, and all types of disposition are forever forming associations…In democratic countries knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all the others.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

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Read and refer to:

Tocqueville, Alexis de, and Michael Kammen. “The Omnipotence of the Majority in the United States and Its Consequences.”Democracy in America. Boston: Bedford/St Martins, 2009. Print.

May 9 – (Tocqueville & Beaumont) Arrive at Newport, Rhode Island, going on to New York; thereafter they travel as far west as Green Bay, on Lake Michigan, north to Quebec and south to New Orleans.

“Every person should read “Democracy in America,” by Alexis de Tocqueville, once in their lifetime – then reflect upon their environments!” -Heather Hansen-

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